Regional Service Corps


We are currently recruiting for the 2017-18 program year, which begins in September.


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Celebrating 25 Years!

RSC-AmeriCorps is celebrating 25 years of advancing service as a strategy to build vibrant and caring communities in Benton and Franklin counties. 



Join today and put your idealism into action

While it may be true that some AmeriCorps members don’t have a specific idea of what they want to do after they complete the program, there are plenty of members who consider AmeriCorps an important step in their career plan. For those who begin the program not knowing what they want to do, most get a much better sense of their career goals after completing their term of service.

Because AmeriCorps members work at schools and with non-profit organizations, the program provides a great way to network with people in those worlds, many of whom started out as AmeriCorps members themselves. It’s also a great stepping stone for a government career because it demonstrates a passion for and a commitment to public service.

Serving in communities that struggle with poverty is hard work ... and totally rewarding!

Our nation is facing immense challenges — one million students are dropping out of school each year, and in our community, 70% of children are living in poverty. AmeriCorps members are helping to solve these and many other problems and are making all the difference through tutoring programs that improve literacy and lower dropout rates.

Top 10 reasons to join

  1. Network in the community.
  2. Enhance your leadership skills.
  3. $5,775 Education Award. Pay back student loans, continue your education, pass it along to a child, grandchild, or foster child, or take continuing education or personal enrichment classes.
  4. Give back to your community.
  5. Obtain student loan forbearance and interest payments.
  6. Receive a monthly living allowance of $1,253.
  7. Gain real-world work experience.
  8. Strengthen your resume and college applications.
  9. Help children succeed in school and in life.
  10. Get the satisfaction that comes from taking on challenges and seeing results. 

How to Get Started

AmeriCorps opens doors to your future

  • You'll get real-life education and work experience wrapped into one. 91% of members report that their overall AmeriCorps service experience was excellent or good.
  • You'll build real professional and leadership skills. On a survey at the conclusion of their service year, 90% of AmeriCorps members felt they gained an understanding of how to tackle to the challenges faced by communities where they served and they believed that AmeriCorps would improve their performance at a future job. 
  • 91% of alumni report that since they completed their term with AmeriCorps, they have used the skills they gained during service.
  • You'll meet awesome people along the way.